Effluent / Septic Treatment Solution

Effluent Treatment Solution And Septic Treatment Solution

Available in 23L cans. Ideal for Factories, Hospitals, Hotels & Resorts, Apartments etc.


Eco-friendly bio-degradable solution for Healthy Effluent Systems and Septic Systems

  • Green Bacto is a 100% natural product which is safe for effluent treatment systems

  • Removes sludge and foul odour and is ideal for blocked septic systems

  • Periodic use of Green Bacto will help maintain the effluent system in a healthy condition

  • Helps save high cost repairs of effluent septic systems

  • Proprietary formula

Green Bacto - Gram Staining

Yeast - Gram Staining

Lactobacillus - Gram Staining

Associated with National Centre for Aquatic Animal Health(NCAAH), Cochin University of Science and Technology for Research and Development activities

Microscope View

Benefits in Effluent Treatment

Aerobic & Anaerobic method & Industrial Effluent Treatment

  • Reduction of BOD, COD, TSS.

  • Removes foul odor from effluent completely.

  • Suppression of Total Coli & Ecoli.

  • Neutralization of waste water.

  • Reduction of use of chemicals such as alum, lime, chlorine, deodorizers and disinfectants.

  • Reduction in sludge volume.

  • No further treatments required for sludge obtained

  • Brings about bio-augmentation

  • Eco friendly, makes the environment healthy & fresh

  • No need to use toxic chemicals for sanitation.

  • Makes the effluent disposable/reuse.

Advantages of Green Bacto

  • Works with or without light or oxygen

  • Internationally recognized as eco-friendly & safe method

  • Eliminates foul odour by suppressing the generation of Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide

  • Heavy reduction in sludge formation by decomposing biodegradable particles in waste water

  • Effective suppression of pathogens

  • Reduction of insects

  • Safe for humans and the environment – 100% Organic

  • Highly economical

Green Bacto on Waste Water

  • Improve the quality of waste water

  • Removes Sludge

  • Help to maintain the PCB norms of treated water*

Actual Site

Day 0

Day 21

Day 14

*Under Test Conditions

Choose Green Bacto, Act Responsibly, and Save Mother Earth.

Green Bacto harnesses the natural power of local, beneficial microbes to treat wastewater effectively and eco-friendly. Forget harsh chemicals and foreign strains - Green Bacto is the sustainable choice for a cleaner tomorrow.